"BOOKS BY THE SHELF" at The Bookman  

Attractive book collections to decorate exclusive home libraries, sold in discounted lots by-the-shelf. All volumes are hardcover except Professional Journals, which are perfect-bound softcover.

Available by color, height, and age.
Specialized subjects also available.

Colors: red, blue, green, brown, black
Sizes: eleven inch, nine inch
Ages: contemporary, 50's, 30's


By color:
Sets, non-encyclopedia, $99
30's mixed titles, $79
50's fiction, $59
New fiction, $39
Vintage encyclopedias, $49
Professional journals, softcover, $199

By subject:
Law texts, $59
Engineering texts, $99
Medical texts, $129
Medical texts, pre-50's, $199
Amererican Heritage history quarterlies, $79
Horizon art quarterlies, $169
Other assortments:
Hunting, sports, travel, history,
Music, theater, cooking, etc.

Free delivery and installation in the Colorado Springs area. Contact us at 719.389.1468 or email: booksbytheshelf@thebookman.com


Professional Journals

Horizon Art Quarterly

Older Medical Books