Free Children's Books Program
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The Bookman has provided kids books and toys directly to children in Mexico, Belize, Cuba, the Philippines, and an Indian Reservation in New Mexico. Naturally we do not do this alone. We need your help and here's how it works:

Are you planning a trip to a destination where you expect to visit children or schools in need of reading material? Do you think you might have extra room in your suitcase, or think you could carry an extra bag, or have room in your trunk for a box of childrens books? That's where we come in!

The Bookman can easily provide you with free childrens books, maps and small toys to bring along on your journey! The books are in English of course, but they are usually welcome for English language instruction, and besides they have lots of pictures. Availability of other teaching materials and toys will vary. If you can solicit donations of toys from other sources, we recommend the fast food promotional toys, they're small and very popular!

We can also supply books for local charitable groups. Call to make arrangements. Since the Bookman stays in business by selling books, we appreciate it whenever possible if you can find a contributor to underwrite the purchase of books. Our children's books are very affordably priced, many no more than fifty cents. But either way we'll make sure you get the books you need.